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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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became d.c. classics. tonight the entire area mourning the loss of chuck brown, who has died at the age of 75. few artists in our town have had the enduring impact chuck brown had. a month or so ago he was admitted to john hopkins hospital with a publicly undisclosed illness. since that time, the rumor mill was filled with stories about his condition and whether indeed he was even still alive. today it was confirmed chuck brown has died. reportedly from complications with pneumonia. ♪ >> reporter: charles brown's musical career spanned some 50 years. there was seldom a moment when he and his guitar were not together jamming out in front of a crowd of bobbing heads and moving feet. the north carolina native got his start in the '60s playing the guitar for a d.c. based latin band. by the early '70s chuck brown
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was coming into his own and go-go was born. the godfather of go-go what the world came to call brown, creator of a musical genre that became synonymous with d.c. brown described it as jazz infused funk music with latin and african flairs driven by percussian and accented with his signature call in response. in and out of trouble with the law in his youth brown taught himself to play the guitar in prison. he and his go-go beat became world known landing his first billboard number one hit in 1978 with "busting loose." he was nominated for his first grammy in 2010 at the age of 74. >> like i said u. when i hit that stage, you know, if i am on the right page i'm becoming a rage and forget about my age. >> reporter: through all the albums through the constant drum beat of stardom chuck brown
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never turned his back on his home. he stayed a staple of d.c. events that became important to his community. he spent his time with students around the district never forgetting how a young shoe shine boy who hung around music halls turned a dream into a rhythmic reality and never forgot what was important. >> my children are grown and doing well. i am so proud of them. they had the opportunity to -- opportunities i never had. the kind of love i gave my children, there is no comparison and the kind of love they give me, no comparison. i just thank god for them every day. >> chuck brown's daughter joined us on the phone to talk about her father's impact on music and d.c. she says he was indeed a man who loved his family and his fans, too. >> all of his fans meant the world to him. he lived for family and he lived
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to perform. and he just loved making people happy. and he was such a good person. i want people to not just remember him for the music but remember the heart of gold that he was. he just loved everybody. >> we will have much more on the life of the godfather of go-go chuck brown. before he died, he did an interview with nbc news about origins of go-go music and how his fans in fact helped him develop that unique style and we'll have more on that and more reaction coming up later he had such a wide impact with his music even among people who wouldn't consider themselves fans of go-go music. >> right. >> everybody knew who he was. >> got to know chuck brown. >> indeed. more coming up. on to other news now, today maryland lawmakers avoided the doomsday cuts to critical services we've heard about but voted to raise income taxes for many of you. individuals who make more than a hundred thousand dollars a year will see an income tax hike as well as joint filers who earn
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$150,000 annually. today's approval spread out teacher pension costs over four years and raised taxes on tobacco products. chris gordon has more on the budget now headed to the governor's desk. >> reporter: republicans argue they left in april with a balanced budget but the democrats say the so-called doomsday budget requires deep cuts in public school education. public safety service. and would result in high tuitions. so this three-day special session was focused on a bigger budget, increasing taxes, and passing the obligation for teacher pensions from the state to local governments. >> does anybody think the locals can handle a burden that was too big for the state of maryland? >> reporter: the house of delegates joined the senate in passing the new budget, transferring pension obligations to counties over the next few years and increasing taxes for individuals making $100,000 annually and families making $150,000. and then they adjourned the
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special session. >> 87% of the people of maryland will not see income taxes increase and for people who make $250,000 a year it'll go up about $6.50 a week. hardly an onerous increase. >> we shouldn't have been here and shouldn't have been raising taxes in the worst economy in 80 years. >> reporter: tiffany olston broke with house democrats voting against the tax increase. >> we have the highest foreclosure rate in the state and a significant number of residents that are going to be affected by this tax increase. it's a bad policy for our county and bad for the people of maryland. >> reporter: maryland residents are divided on the results of the special session. >> i don't have any problems paying higher taxes as long as it's being used in the right way. >> the hundred thousand dollars isn't what i would consider going after the rich. i think the answer is i don't see where the government is cutting back on anything. >> reporter: it now looks like legislators will return here to annapolis for a second special session on july 9th to take up the issue of expanded gaming, authorizing a casino in prince
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george's county, and bills that have been introduced challenging the maryland court of appeals ruling that pit bulls are a dangerous breed. in annapolis, chris gordon, news 4. three tour buses full of students from pennsylvania were involved in accidents on the beltway near green belt this morning. 13 passengers were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. those buses were in a caravan from a middle school in dallas town, pennsylvania. as traffic slowed near the baltimore washington parkway, a box truck rear ended one of the buses. a separate crash involving the other buses happening farther back. the students ended up returning to pennsylvania without having their field trip in washington. two drivers were ticketed for following too closely. we have learned now the name of the 3-year-old boy who was hit and killed by an suv in waldorf, maryland. police say his name was elias charles kobongo. he unbuckled himself from a car seat and jumped out of his mother's car and ran behind the
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car and right into the path of an suv yesterday afternoon. his mother pulled over to give a letter to a postman. police do not plan to charge the driver in this case. the silver line project is under more scrutiny tonight following a surprising report. a federal audit questions the spending of the metropolitan airport authority, the organization that oversees the project. jane watrel is at national airport with reaction from the agency's board. >> reporter: well, jim, the 18-page report was issued by the department of transportation's inspector general's office and it questions mwa's policies on contracting and also how the board members use their personal expenses. as the massive $6 billion dulles rail construction project continues to take shape, there is controversy behind the scenes. in a preliminary report, federal investigators accuse metropolitan washington airport's authority board members of racking up
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questionable personal expenses and also handing out no big contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> the ig report tells us we have more to do to get to the level we all want and that's exactly how we're going to proceed. >> reporter: some of the spending irregularities discovered were $238 for wine, a $9200 plane ticket to prague, and three dinner bills that totaled $4800 in hawaii. even board chairman michael kurda was among those affected by the findings. investigators say his wife's employer the jenner & block law firm, was awarded a no bid contract worth $100,000. >> to be clear i did not order the engagement of the firm and i do not believe there is an actual conflict. my wife is an employee of the firm, not an attorney. she does not receive and will not receive any compensation or benefit as a result of the engagement. >> reporter: still to be determined if the silver line will be extended into loudoun county. some county supervisors have raised the possibility of
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withdrawing support if the costs to loudoun taxpayers and toll road users are not reduced. one mwa board member says loudoun commuters need to realize they will fund the project no matter what. >> loudoun citizens will be paying tolls whether they have a project or not. they'll be paying tolls to build a nice project for fairfax county. to me that makes no sense. i would think they want to have a project because they're paying these tolls anyway. >> reporter: right now mwa staff members are briefing loudoun county board of supervisors at a meeting. it's part of an educational series of meetings before the loudoun supervisors take up their vote on whether or not to extend the silver line in june. reporting live at reagan national airport, i'm jane watrel, news 4. it was just a matter of time. now some jp morgan chase share holders are going to court suing the bank for the $2 billion trading loss it revealed last week. two lawsuits filed today claimed
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jp morgan and its leaders changed their hedging strategy without telling investors. they say that led to the deep losses. these are believed to be the first lawsuits filed in connection with the case. john edwards will not take the stand in his defense. today his lawyers rested their case in the corruption trial. it did not include some of the testimony that was expected. jay gray in greensboro, north carolina now with more. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim. you are absolutely right. a busy and important day here at the federal courthouse in greensboro. no testimony from john edwards, his daughter kate or his mistress rielle hunter. the defense resting their case in hopes on the idea that less is more. it took three weeks for prosecutors to outline their case against john edwards. the response from his defense team though ended this morning after just three days. >> the defense clearly went out with a women pimper a calculate decision to play it safe.
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the question is have they played it too safe? >> the attorney hinted rielle hunter, his daughter kate, and even edwards himself could take the stand to close the defense. >> does this jury expect to have seen john edwards on the stand under oath looking them in the eye? if they did they didn't get it. >> reporter: what they did get was a heavy dose of campaign finance laws, a statute never tested legally until this case. >> we're in unchartered territory but it requires a showing of a willful violation and i think what edwards is banking on is there is still not direct evidence of criminal intent. >> reporter: because this is the first trial of its kind, judge katherine eagle's instructions to the jury could ultimately play a key role in the verdict. >> so it is going to be tough for the judge. there is going to be a huge fight i think between the lawyers on both sides about what exactly the jury is instructed and that there is no guide post. >> reporter: markers that both sides will try to define during tomorrow's closing arguments. with a former senator and presidential candidate's freedom hanging in the balance.
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live in greensboro, north carolina, i'm jay gray. jim, back to you. >> thanks, jay. feels like summer out there today. doug is down at nats park. doug? >> reporter: it feels like summer but i tell you what, spring is going to make a return. we are in for some fantastic weather over the next couple days. right now here at nats park a beautiful night. current temperatures around the region still sitting close to the upper 70s to around 80 degrees right now. and with lower humidity today it's fairly comfortable out here. just wait until you see the weather we'll get in here during the day tomorrow. the wider view of the radar showing a little bit of a frontal boundary making its way right now through pennsylvania. you can see showers and even a few thunderstorms associated with that. that same front will move through our region over night tonight. as it does, well it's going to bring us some, maybe some of the best stretches of weather we've seen in a while. we'll talk about that as we head into the end of the week and the weekend. plus what's going on down here at nats park? we'll talk about it in a minute. >> thank you, doug. coming up the threat has become much more serious as a wildfire races across arizona.
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president obama is talking hogies and jobs after a d.c. deli run. hollywood star will smith is ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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an update on breaking news tonight. chuck brown d.c.'s godfather of go-go has died.
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he did so at john hopkins hospital in baltimore where he had been fighting pneumonia for several weeks now. in the '70s chuck brown created a funky brand of music that was heavy on percussian and became known as go-go, a genre that was synonymous with his name and with the district. chuck brown was 75 years old. at 6:30 we'll hear him talk about how fans helped him create such a distinctive style of music and how he developed such a loyal following. a medical report is shedding new light on the extent of the injuries george zimmerman may have suffered during his confrontation with trayvon martin. it shows zimmerman had a broken nose, swollen lips, two black eyes, and cuts on the back of his head. the report was compiled by zimmerman's family physician who examined him the day after the february shooting. legal experts say it could bolster zimmerman's claims that the shooting was in self-defense. he's charged with second-degree murder in that case that took place in florida. president obama hosted a bipartisan luncheon at the white house today for congressional
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leaders and offered a list of things to do to avoid another debt crisis. the gathering was nick named the hogie summit because just before lawmakers arrived mr. obama dropped by the taylor gourmet for takeout. he bought a bunch of sandwiches for his luncheon guests then headed back to the white house. tax credits for small businesses, one idea the president is proposing to beef up the economy. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: at the white house today the president lunched with congressional leaders to avoid a repeat of last summer's fights that trashed the nation's credit rating. barack obama versus john boehner on spending cuts and tax hikes. they failed to make a grand bargain and their short-term deals expire in december. buying hogies to serve at today's talks, president obama would vow no down to the wire talks this fall. right now he wants tax cuts for small businesses that hire more workers, saying the recovery
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can't wait. >> one of the ways we can sustain momentum is for congress to take some actions right now even though it's election season, even though there's gridlock, partisanship. >> reporter: a clear election move by the president countered by house speaker boehner, who liked the hogies but not the call for another program that would increase the deficit. >> where is the president's plan to tackle our looming debt crisis? >> reporter: in florida, mitt romney agreed small business needs help but -- >> you don't raise taxes on them like the president is proposing. in fact, you lower the marginal rate. >> reporter: joe biden fired back. the democrats' plans to hike taxes on millionaires like romney who biden charged don't understand the middle class. >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> absolutely. >> they don't get us. they don't get who we are.
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>> reporter: what republicans call class warfare, along with a refocus on the big issues. and a major long-term deal on spending and taxes, can it get done before the november elections? long-time political observers up here say probably no way. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. mary kennedy the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. has been found dead. nbc news has learned that officials found mary kennedy's body inside her home in bedford, new york this afternoon. mary kennedy was married to robert f. kennedy jr. the son of the former u.s. attorney general and presidential candidate robert f. kennedy. the couple was married for 16 years. they filed for divorce in may of 2010. authorities have not revealed the circumstances or the cause of death at this time. 42 years ago an army soldier sacrificed his life in an act of valor that saved his comrades. today president obama posthumously awarded the medal
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of honor to a rifleman killed in cambodia. in 1970 specialist leslie salveo jr. sowsaw his platoon surrounded by the north vietnamese and grabbed an enemy grenade and threw it away and threw his own grenade to attack an enemy bunker. >> then he grabbed a grenade and pulled the pin. it said he held that grenade and didn't throw it until the last possible moment knowing it would take his own life but knowing he could silence that bunker. >> his widow accepted the medal in his honor. wildfire in arizona getting bigger by the hour. fire officials today said it is starting to move toward the mining town of crown king. that means several homes and businesses there could be threatened. the town and surrounding areas have been under an evacuation order since sunday when the fire started. flames fueled by high winds have consumed more than 2,000 acres so far. they've destroyed at least two homes. there's also a fire in colorado. some of the people living near fort collins are being told to get out of their homes because
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of the wildfire there. officials say about 640 acres have burned in colorado already. they say right now the fire is only about 5% contained. firefighters say for now the flames are spreading away from homes but that could change if the winds shift. rescuers had to help a maryland man today after he got stuck trying to get a better view of the wild fires in northern colorado. shane burke of baltimore was rock climbing with his friend. the rescue team had to help him rappel down from the side of a cliff. burke was stuck up there for a couple hours but wasn't hurt. he says he thinks it might be a while before he tries to climb again. doug is at nationals park because -- why wouldn't he be? >> what are we doing in here? >> really. >> hey, doug. >> that is exactly right, jim. my question to everybody else out there, why aren't you here tonight or really over the last couple days? been looking out here, we had the 1:00 game the other day. not too many people in the stands. guys, the weather has been
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fantastic. come on down to nats park. tonight military appreciation night. if you're in the military, have a valid military i.d. even if you're retired or reservist you can get in for free tonight so that's the good news. plus you get an extra ticket. you can get two tickets to tonight's game as we take on the pirates behind me. i was talking to the pirates -- the pirates' skipper a little earlier about their game. he is saying, hey, the toughest thing about the nationals, obviously, has been the pitching earlier you look at the standings, nationals doing great tonight and if you come out here tonight you'll see a pretty good game. guarantee of that. you'll also get good weather. let's talk about something i know. out there right now weather looking pretty good. as a matter of fact, take a look at these numbers out there across our area seeing plenty of sunshine, nice weather. high temperature at 82 degrees after a low this morning of 63. a very nice afternoon but monthly rainfall just over 2.3 inches. nearly 4 inches below the average rainfall for this time
6:23 pm
of year. we need to see more rain even though we saw so much rain during the day yesterday. 80 degrees the current temperature with winds out of the south 9 miles an hour and the rest of the region very nice. 81 back to the west in leesburg. 81 gaithersburg. 84 in frederick and also a pair of 81s down toward the la plata area and over toward culpepper. what are we going to be seeing? storm 4 radar, nothing to show you right now across our area but as we widen out here you'll notice a frontal boundary. that front very clearly defined now making its way through central portions of pennsylvania and then back through ohio and into west virginia. that front will move through tonight. it'll give us a slight chance of a shower. maybe around 9:00, 10:00 tonight just as the game here is ending. i'm not expecting much from this but what it will do for everybody is really bring in some fantastic weather. we're talking about low humidity and nice temperatures. look at the temperatures to the west. in the 70s. 77 at pittsburgh right now. 79 in state college. so some of that cooler air will start to make its way here during the day tomorrow. and we are really in for nice
6:24 pm
weather. warm temperatures today out ahead of the frontal boundary and once again maybe a few showers late tonight into the overnight and by tomorrow morning we're waking up to partly cloudy skies and by tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny and nice. temperatures in the mid 70s. low humidity. tomorrow just about perfect. let's go one better on friday. instead of nice, we'll call it beautiful. we'll see a fantastic friday and then on saturday i think another great day with more sunshine and once again temperatures in the upper 70s to about 80 degrees. your forecast this evening partly cloudy, nice and warm. possible late showers. temperatures into the 70s throughout the evening hours. then as you make your way down here toward the game tonight, game time temperature, sitting at 79 degrees. that's what we're thinking with the game starting at 7:05. you still have time to get down here to nats park. nice and warm. i think a perfect night for a ball game. as you make your way in to tomorrow morning we'll see our numbers into the 50s in most locations. 50 to 59 degrees. a great start tomorrow. then tomorrow afternoon nice. i mean, really just beautiful weather.
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we'll call it gorgeous. 72 to 77 degrees. as we move on through the next couple days, that great weather sticks around for friday. it sticks around for saturday. then on sunday, monday, and tuesday we're going to watch a little storm system off the coast and see what kind of impact it has right now. only about a 30% chance of rain on sunday but that is one day you want to watch. the good news is at least for the next three days you have absolutely nothing to worry about and the nationals still on their home stand. no reason not to get down here. guys? >> thanks. doug. coming up tonight we'll introduce you to d.c.'s newest city council member. >> we'll take a special look back at the life of chuck brown as he talks about go-go music in his own words.
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two howard university students are being treated for gunshots wounds. it happened at their home today in the 2300 block of north washington street in north washington. police are looking for three suspects. >> reporter: ambulances, cops, evidence techs. a flurry of activity at this home on north capital and bryant streets northwest. two people shot inside the house during a home invasion.
6:29 pm
a man struck in the knee. a woman shot in the foot. police say both victims are students at howard university. chelsea griffith knows the people in the house. she was supposed to meet one of them here this afternoon. >> how many people live in the house? >> i think three. >> reporter: do you know all the people? >> yeah. i know -- well one of them is really close to me and i was supposed to go to his house right now and i'm calling his phone and it's off. i really hope that wasn't him. >> reporter: what do you make of something like this? >> that's crazy. i don't know. >> reporter: police all over the scene looking for clues, looking for evidence that might lead them to the suspects here. now this happened shortly after lunch time in broad daylight. shots fired, college students wounded. unsettling news for people in the neighborhood. >> probably thinking they'll come here for education and they get shot. >> it's scary. like i said i lived in my house since '69 and raised my children
6:30 pm
there and we've never had anything to equal this, never. >> reporter: this is still very much an active crime scene. why was this house targeted? did the suspects know the victims? what were they looking for here? questions that police are trying to answer tonight. in northwest washington, pat collins, news 4. maryland lawmakers approved a new state budget today that includes an income tax hike for those who earn more than six figures. it also spreads teacher pension costs over four years and raises taxes on some tobacco products. the approval today avoids what they call doomsday cuts that would have slashed about $500 million from state programs and services. the new budget legislation now goes to governor martin o'malley for his signature. john edwards will not testify in his own defense. today his lawyers rested their case in edwards' corruption
6:31 pm
trial without calling him to the stand. the former presidential candidate is accused of using campaign money to hide his pregnant mistress rielle hunter. neither hunter nor edwards' oldest daughter kate took the witness stand. in the race for the white house herman cain officially endorsed presumptive republican nominee mitt romney today. cain is a former gop presidential candidate and made the announcement in front of the capitol hill club here in washington. earlier in the campaign, cain backed newt gingrich. he also told nbc news that he doesn't plan on running as a vice presidential candidate. we return now to the life of d.c. go-go legend chuck brown. we learned today that he died at a hospital at john hopkins hospital at the age of 75. recently, we sat down with chuck brown who talked about the origins of go-go music. we begin with how he would describe that unique style to anyone who had never heard it before.
6:32 pm
>> well, if they've heard funk before it's just another form of funky music. and with a lot of percussian, audience participation, and we do a song, we break it down, you know, we get into the audience and they get into us. it just goes and goes and goes. it comes out of that particular tune and into another groove but all basically the same. got that latin and the african feel to it. >> what does go-go music mean to the people here in washington, d.c.? >> it means everything. it's their culture. it was created here and as a matter of fact the fans helped me create it. you know? the fans helped us create it. because we would do quite a few
6:33 pm
songs in one night. we might do 15 or 20 or 25 songs in those days when we were doing top 40, anything off the radio that was a hit we got into it. and so we decided to break it down and start calling for response from the fans. they really made it happen for us. >> do that one more time. ♪ >> reporter: a lot of people that aren't from here don't recognize what a big heart go-go music is here. what would this city be like without it? >> well, probably be still doing the r & b. you know? but that's what most of the bands were doing out here -- jazz, blues, r & b. anything that came off the radio. it was a hit that kept us working. but i really wanted to -- i wanted my own sound, you know, deeply inspired by james brown and a host of other artists.
6:34 pm
so i wanted my own sound. i was trying to create my own sound. but it turned out to be a sound for everybody. >> without go-go we'd still be doing the bump. from one legendary figure to another we are joined on the phone now by the iconic radio personality donny simpson. thank you for joining us this evening. >> my pleasure, jim. not the bump. >> no, please. let's not go there. >> thank you, chuck. thank god. >> indeed. you've been in town a while. tell us about when you first became acquainted with chuck brown and what you thought of him. what are your impressions? >> when i first got here to d.c. and heard go-go, i didn't know of go-go. i grew up in detroit. when i came here and heard all of this rhythm, with all of these percussians, i said, what is this? i mean, this, you you know, i'm listening to band like a 13-piece band and 11 are playing percussian. >> it did get your attention didn't it?
6:35 pm
>> it got my attention. it's a rhythm you just get caught up in. it is reminiscent to me of when i first heard bob marley and reggae, you know, the same kind of thing. it was just like, you know, you're hearing it and all of a sudden you know you're on the table top and don't know how you got there. >> donny, it never did take off nationally, you know, as some other kinds of music did. but it never really died in d.c. either did it? go-go is still the signature here. >> without doubt. it is d.c.'s music and d.c. still loves go-go. one of the beauties of chuck brown is that he was multi generational. the kids now know and love chuck brown. like the older people did. you know? and which is pretty amazing to me. but it did break out for a minute. chuck had the first number one song, number one go-go song in the country. busting loose went all the way to number one. later on of course eu had the number one song. but we never other than that really broke out. in a way jim and i'm sure you
6:36 pm
appreciate this. this is kind of what made it cool. >> right. >> it was ours. >> it's ours. >> right. exactly. >> in fact, donny, chuck is and was ours. >> man, chuck brown is the washington monument. >> right. >> the ben's chili bowl and the big chair. >> all rolled up into one. >> that is right. i will miss him dearly. >> yes indeed. thank you very much, man. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. hi, doreen. >> hey, donny. how are you? >> all right. thanks. >> bye. we'll have much more on the life and career of chuck brown on our website nbc it includes an extended interview in which brown talks more about what go-go music meant to him. >> coming up actor will smith is ♪
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there is a new council member representing ward 5 in the district tonight. kenyan mcduffie replaced convicted felon harry thomas jr. mcduffy soundly beat ten other candidates to win the seat. he is a lawyer and a former mail carrier. tom sherwood talked with him today. >> reporter: on wamu's show wednesday kenyan mcduffy said even he was surprised at his wide winning margin. >> i think it sends a clear message residents of ward 5 want new, fresh leadership, somebody with some experience, somebody who stands on sound, firm ethics. >> reporter: 36-year-old kenyan mcduffy swept to victory over ten other candidates winning 40% of the vote in the special election. he'll replace harry thomas jr., who soon will be heading to prison as a felon for stealing $350,000 in government funds
6:40 pm
intended for children. mcduffy, married and the father of two, will represent a large swath of northeast washington that includes catholic university and dozens of residential neighborhoods. he graduated from howard and the university of maryland law school but before all of that he worked. >> i got a job. i started off selling ice cream at the zoo and my mom, the angel that she is, she stayed on my case about attending college. >> reporter: but first the 19-year-old spent four years delivering mail in northwest washington. >> i had an opportunity to deliver to this building in fact. but i carried my satchel which is what they call it. always a phenomenal experience. i still carry the lessons i learned as a postal carrier with me today. >> reporter: mcduffy who will be sworn in may 30th won praise from many city leaders. >> i mean, i think this is kind of the first step, the horrible thing that happened in ward 5 put a real stain on the city and i think kenyan has certainly the right experience. we look forward to working with him.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: in the district tom sherwood, news 4. let's check out what's up next in sports. dan is live at nats park. doug was trying to do the sports, dan. but we're counting on you to have the real deal. >> i just can't get his ugly mug out of the way, man. we'll continue with the sports report. i have a feeling we'll see doug again too. tim duncan shows the nba isn't just a young man's game. the os taking on the yanks for first place and the nationals trying to avoid another embarrassing moment as they take on the pittsburgh pirates tonight.
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6:44 pm
a double header down at the ballpark tonight. not in terms of games but in terms of gamers. >> a double header or a two headed monster? >> yeah. i think that's what it is. the two headed monster. vance, you and i have talked about this. doreen, you laugh about this all the time. but i think this guy right here may just have the coolest job in the world. i mean, to get to come down to nats park and get to go to all the games and you talk to all the players, i had one person talking today and they said, it rained during the first inning yesterday. what happened with that? >> it's a lot harder than it looks. did you see all the script writing i was doing? and on top of that, guys, i got to keep them from asking for autographs. i'm afraid he'll ask ryan zimmerman for his autograph. >> he was having such a hard time sitting back in the dugout for about the last -- let's show you what's happening weatherwise. right now we do have beautiful weather to talk about.
6:45 pm
it is a great night out here. temperatures into the 80s a little earlier, now sitting at the 80-degree mark right now in the district and that's where we'll continue to stay. i think we'll see a temperature of 79 degrees at game time. a beautiful night for that. as far as radar is concerned let's look at the wider view and we'll be looking at the fact that we have a cold front making its way down from the north. that cold front will allow cooler weather to move in for tomorrow but not just cooler weather. it's going to be a little less humid tomorrow. i think the weather tomorrow will be absolutely fantastic. we'll call it a beautiful thursday and even better friday and right now saturday is looking just about as good as it gets out there. we are really in for a great three-day stretch. maybe four. we'll try to get it to four if we can. hopefully we can make that work. i'll tell you what, guys. as far as the weather is concerned tomorrow take a look at these numbers. we'll see high temperatures into the 70s during the day tomorrow and those 70s will come with the low humidity so a great day to get out to the ballpark. are they playing here tomorrow
6:46 pm
too? >> yeah. >> same team same time same channel. >> same team same time and no i'm still not allowed to do sports. your turn. go ahead. >> this is what we call passing the baton, guys. we'll actually talk about the game now. the pittsburgh pirates in town taking on the nationals and the pirates actually a decent team. until they have to face gio gonzalez, the best pitcher for the nationals this season. with gio on the mound at home the nationals have yet to lose a game this season. the nats actually haven't lost back-to-back games at home this entire year. so things do bode well for them as they take on the pittsburgh pirates tonight. last night things did not go very well for the nationals. this was an ugly start to this game. it started with a miscommunication on what should have been a routine pop up in the outfield. it was a costly error and things started snowballing after that. the rain came. steven strasburg got out of his rhythm. for one reason or another which may have included discomfort
6:47 pm
from icy hot ointment in places it wasn't intended to be, the nats couldn't get it going. but they hoped to do just that. they want to get hot themselves despite the injuries that keep piling up. >> we've been playing for what, six weeks maybe and it's mentally draining with all the injuries we've had. but very rarely do you go a whole season where a team doesn't get hurt. we're hoping that we're getting all our injuries out of the way in the beginning and by the all-star break everyone will be back and we can play the second half of the season healthy and go from there. >> the success we've had is unbelievable. we're still playing good baseball and it's a reason why we're still winning. you deal with the stuff we're dealing with right now and if you can win regardless it shows you how good the team is. >> also last night c.c. sabathia and the yankees taking on the os. it was scoreless in the bottom of the second. adam jones at the plate. he's got a six-game hitting streak at this point. let's make that seven. do it in style too with his solo home run. his 11th of the season.
6:48 pm
the orioles take a 1-0 lead. bottom five now, os up 2-0. jj harding batting with a man on second and he rips the pitch to left field. this is going to go off the bottom of the wall. xavier avery comes in to score. baltimore goes on to win, 5-2 handing sabathia his first loss of the season. the os in kansas city tonight. meanwhile the rays were taking on the blue jays in toronto and it was chaos in the bottom of the ninth after brent lowry is punched out on strikes by the home plate umpire bill miller. he is so unhappy with the call that he slams his helmet into the ground and it hits miller. lowry obviously immediately ejected and just couldn't calm down on the field. he would later apologize saying he didn't intend for his helmet to hit the ump. if you slam your helmet on the ground, doug, two feet from the umpire, it is probably going to hit him. >> coming back up for sure. >> that's not good. lowry gets a four-game
6:49 pm
suspension. then as the umpires leave the field miller hit by a beer thrown by a fan from the sand so it was a bad night for those guys in toronto. >> all right. quick a little piece of sports trivia for you. let's see if you're following the nba playoffs. the hottest team in the nba right now is -- >> got to be tony parker and the -- those guys in san antonio. the spurs. >> let's stop. vance has stolen my job once. now doug is trying to. he is absolutely right. the san antonio spurs have now won 15 games in a row. they haven't lost a game in a month and they're winning by an average of 17 points per. it was more of the same last night as the spurs are taking on the clippers and their stars. chris paul of lake griffin. griffin with the steal passes to paul. gives it right back to griffin. put it up. 15 points for griffin. in the second, still a close game. another turnover by the spurs to get it over to nick young. how about nick young draining the three-pointer? clippers up by three. young had 13 points in 20 minutes but san antonio
6:50 pm
responds. danny green driving to tim duncan. take another look at that. part of the 7-0 run as the spurs take control. duncan had 26 points and ten rebounds. third quarter now, good ball movement by the spurs. ginobili for three. he had 22. the spurs clip the clippers 108-92. game two, thursday in san antonio. meanwhile, in the eastern conference lebron and the heat hosting the pacers. first quarter on the break, lebron to dwayne wade. back to lebron for the dunk. take another look at this. a beautiful touch pass. that was sweet. 28 points, nine rebounds for lebron. ahead to the fourth now. the heat up by one. leandro barbosa at the top of the key. driving through the heat defense. he lays it up and in. pacers take a one-point lead. couple minutes later indy still up by one. how about lebron? getting blocked by paul george. you don't see that happen very often. in the final seconds, the heat
6:51 pm
down by three. wade passes to mario chalmers. not lebron. his three-pointer is no good. the pacers win it, 78-75. the series now tied at one game apiece. lebron james and dwayne wade catching a lot of heat for not stepping up when it mattered most down the stretch there. all right. finally, in case you haven't heard, donovan mcnabb at least in his mind is not done playing in the nfl. he has shed between 15 and 20 pounds. he says he has a list that includes 32 nfl teams that he would like to play for. sounds like he'll take a job anywhere he can get it. now his former coach with the eagles andy reid says he believes donovan mcnabb can still play. mike shanahan was asked that same question today. he didn't have the same caliber of endorsement that the eagles head coach andy reid did. let's hit the hellie pad. major league baseball announced the 2013 all-star game will be at city field in new york hosted by the mets. the ncaa tournament coming back
6:52 pm
to d.c. verizon center will host the east regional and pacers president larry bird named the nba executive of the year. completes the trifecta for bird. a three-time mvp with the celtics, coach of the year in '98 and now executive of the year. one final note before we let you go. patrick ewing interviewing, doug, did you go, for the head coaching job with the charlotte bob cats. now of course michael jordan runs that franchise. >> yeah. >> he would hire his buddy patrick ewing. they haven't done well the past few years. >> they haven't done well at all. worst team in the league last year as a matter of fact. >> the stats from him, sports, weather, so well rounded, guys. >> way to go. >> ready to go. >> hey, you give him a softball. ask him something that might -- you know, who doesn't know the answer to those questions? >> i try to make him look good vance. not an easy job. >> you're doing well, man. you guys are quite a team. >> still plenty of time for people to come down there and join you on this beautiful night
6:53 pm
out at the nats game. >> military appreciation night. doug was already talking about that. if you have a military i.d., active or not, you get two tickets correct? >> two tickets. come on down. >> a good deal. >> we need a third person here. come on down and we'll put three of us out here. >> i love it. >> that would work. thanks, guys.
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actor will smith is in london tonight for the premiere of his new movie "men in black iii" and earlier today showed off his more athletic side with the british olympic team in an amusing way of course. don't quit your day job, will. that's the two-time oscar nominee playing the part of a track hurdler. he also shot hoops and sparred a few boxing rounds. "men in black iii" premieres in the u.s. next friday. the olympics kick off have we mentioned july 27th and you can see that right here on nbc 4. >> if we haven't mentioned it we will. finally tonight we have spent much of the evening looking back at the life of d.c.'s godfather of go-go chuck brown. people all across this area are remembering a man that probably had the biggest impact on d.c.'s go-go music. tonight we'll end our broadcast with just a bit of that music that made chuck brown the man. good night. ♪
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